Spring/Summer 2016 Girls Teams

Thank you to all who those who attended tryouts for FOH Seattle Spring/Summer teams! Our organization had to make tough decisions in selecting the teams that we will be forming. Best of luck to those players who did not currently make a team, and we urge you to continue to play this great game.

Below is a list of teams that we will be forming this Spring/Summer Season, corresponding with the number that was given to the players during tryouts. Those that were chosen to a team, will also receive an email through our Team Management system, which will ask you to Accept or Deny your spot. Please Accept your spot by Sunday March 6th by 12:00pm noon! If you do not accept your spot by then, we will assume that you have chosen not to play and may ask a first alternate in your place.

If you have any questions, please contact tom@fohseattle.com

2016 Spring Summer Youth Girls Tryout Results