Winter 2015 Girls Teams

Thank you to all who those who attended tryouts for FOH Seattle Winter Teams! Our organization had to make tough decisions in selecting the teams that we will be forming. Best of luck to those players who did not currently make a team, and we urge you to continue to play this great game!

Below is a list of teams that we will be forming this Winter Season, corresponding with the number that was given to the players during tryouts. Those that were chosen to a team, will also receive an email through our Team Management system, which will ask you to Accept or Deny your spot. Please Accept your spot by Sunday November 8th by 12:00pm noon! If you do not accept your spot by then, we will assume that you have chosen not to play and may ask a first alternate in your place.

The cost for the season, practice times, and all other information will be emailed out shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact tom @